12/3 Opscode Code Review


A little late getting this email out, but I have excuses. We’re hoping to ship a beta release of Ohai right away. About half of the tickets we reviewed on Monday needed tests or a little work I spent some time this week getting those in order.

The Ohai spec tests have been rearranged into a format similar to Chef, making room for additional types of tests in the future and also importing the configuration in Chef to allow excluding tests from certain platforms. I need to clean up a few issues related to systemu and we should be good to go with a beta release.

btw, a ~3 hour cookbook code review is beginning right now. You can watch it here: http://youtu.be/xfnhn0snrno

To merge:
OHAI-399 - Add mixlib-shellout to Ohai’s dependencies
OHAI-418 - Add Linode Detection
OHAI-381 - need to detect openstack-based clouds
OHAI-402 - On SmartOS ohai does not pick up host ssh keys
OHAI-404 - Ohai is missing network flags on network interfaces on SmartOS
OHAI-410 - Make ipv6 address available in rackspace and cloud plugins if available for rackspace cloud servers
OHAI-416 - populate rackspace region information
OHAI-408 - Chef does not pick up a SmartOS zone as being smarts
OHAI-395 - Ohai does not gather serial number of Mac OS X
COOK-1936 - use frontend / backend logic
COOK-1937 - some cleanup for haproxy configurations
COOK-1938 - add more flexibility to haproxy (options…)
COOK-1939 - reloading Haproxy is better than restarting it
COOK-1940 - haproxy stats listen on by default
COOK-1944 - Improve haproxy performance
COOK-1926 - PHP Cookbook tries to install php5-cgi on Amazon Linux because it’s not seen as a RHEL family OS
COOK-1942 - README.md has wrong name for the key server attribute
COOK-1933 - The :config action on the pool resource should have less defaults and only modify desired settings.

COOK-1931 - Add LWRP for kernel modules and sysctls
Reopened - Improve namespace for library and use #load_current_resource
COOK-1932 - Include :change functionality to windows task lwrp
Reopened - Be more flexible with command and fail when we can’t do something
COOK-1945 - Mercurial provider is quite ugly
Reopened - Use snake_case, make resources unique
COOK-1946 - Mercurial doesn’t support windows
Reopened - Use snake_case

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