12/5 Opscode Code Review


We will be having a 3 hour cookbook review again on Friday, and expect to get very close to getting through all of the remaining tickets (currently 51) for review. Once again feel free to grab the link from twitter (@btmspox) and pop in if you like.


I’ve still got some paperwork (jira-work) to do on Monday’s review notes, but I’ll get them to you shortly.

To merge:
CHEF-3639 - ‘knife index rebuild’ no longer works with Chef Server 11
COOK-1766 - Nginx Source Recipe Rebuilding Source at Every Run
COOK-1512 - Snort cookbook isn’t up-to-date
COOK-1947 - Nagios: Pager duty portions of Nagios cookbook not using nagios user/group attributes
COOK-1950 - Nagios: Simplify hostgroup building and cookbook code
COOK-1878 - Use of :immediately in rabbitmq cookbook causes clustering to fail
COOK-1295 - The bluepill cookbook does not create the default log file
COOK-1829 - cron_d LWRP should imply cookbook cron by default in template

KNIFE-156 - New option to provide a node-name prefix that gets pre-pended to the server.id as the name of the node
Closed - Wontfix, not enough of benefit to be a feature.
KNIFE-165 - knife ec2 should allow setting of “–disable-api-termination” to protect essential instances
Reopened - Proposed fix was not the same as the bug
COOK-1658 - better specify package version when using yum installer
Reopened - bad conditional and don’t use #system

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