12/7 Opscode Code Review


Epic cookbook code review! 55 tickets reviewed, leaving us with 10 remaining to look at on Monday, plus whatever goodies you folks cook up over the weekend.

To merge:
COOK-1951 - Add an attribute for additional daemon options to pass to the chef-client service
COOK-1694 - Added additional my.cnf fields and reorganized cookbook to avoid race conditions with mysql startup and sql script execution
COOK-1189 - Template change does not restart rsyslog on Ubuntu
COOK-1954 - Fix attribute camel case to match man sshd_config
COOK-1964 - configure log_level with new chef_server log_level attribute
COOK-1755 - Explicitly control delete_validation recipe via a new delete_validation attribute
COOK-1969 - nginx::passenger module not included due to use of symbolized :nginx_configure_flags
COOK-1971 - Template passenger.conf.erb configures key passenger_max_pool_size 2 times
COOK-1972 - nginx::source compile_nginx_source reports success in spite of failed compilation
COOK-1972 - nginx::source compile_nginx_source reports success in spite of failed compilation
COOK-1974 - Chef-Server services should have higher init priority than Chef-Client to ensure Chef-Server is available
COOK-1866 - /usr/bin/ is not pip_binary location when doing a source install on rhel.
COOK-1977 - Typo “stripesize” in LVM cookbook
COOK-1975 - nginx::passenger requires rake gem
COOK-1979 - Passenger module requires curl-dev(el)
COOK-1824 - the apache2 cookbook needs to specify which binary is used on rhel platform
COOK-1983 - Runit run scripts use the wrong gem bin path for most setups.
COOK-1961 - Postgresql config file changes with every Chef run
COOK-1669 - Using platform(“ubuntu”) in default attributes always returns true
COOK-1842 - Allow specifying of ssh keys
COOK-1691 - Nagios packages asks for admin password during install
COOK-1840 - Enable bluepill to log to rsyslog
COOK-1993 - nscd: Package resources should install instead of upgrade
COOK-1994 - Cannot create a logical volume if fstype is not given
COOK-1872 - Allow latest PostgreSQL deb packages to be installed
COOK-1995 - Nagios: Update source install to use Nagios 3.4.3 not 3.4.1
COOK-1888 - SmartOS support
COOK-1992 - nova: Package resources should install instead of upgrade
COOK-1929 - Update msyql server attributes file because setting attributes without specifying a precedence is deprecated
COOK-1251 - Seeing FATAL: NotImplementedError error when using windows_package resource
COOK-1877 - RHEL6 support in rsyslog (plus lots of reworking)
COOK-1932 - Include :change functionality to windows task lwrp
COOK-2004 - in attributes, “init” style claims to handle fedora, but service.rb missing a clause
COOK-2002 - Remove Gemfile.lock from cookbook repositories
COOK-2005 - Remove unusable check commands from nagios
COOK-1945 - Mercurial provider is quite ugly
COOK-1946 - Mercurial doesn’t support windows
COOK-2007 - Several improvements to haproxy cookbook
COOK-2010 - postfix sasl_auth does not include the sasl plain package
COOK-2011 - No reload action in the rsyslog init.d script on centos 6.3
COOK-2014 - Default Vagrantfile in chef-server needs more ram
COOK-1680 - application_java: deploy action missing from java_remote_file resource

COOK-1690 - Compilation failure on undefined method each for nil:NilClass
Reopened - Simpler solution in the platform case statement
COOK-1651 - Add dateext ability to logrotate to enable date stamping of rotated files
Wontfix - COOK-1338 provided the ability to pass an options array
COOK-1803 - php_pear tries to install PECL package through PEAR (gearman)
Reopened - Use a better regex when matching the package name
COOK-1974 - Chef-Server services should have higher init priority than Chef-Client to ensure Chef-Server is available
Reopened - Make sure we’re on debian platform_family
COOK-1988 - passenger config template has duplicate values
Duplicate - COOK-1971
COOK-830 - ssh_known_hosts cookbook uses an inordinate amount of RAM when running exception handlers
Reopened - Partial search is not fully released
COOK-1913 - connect to the “postgres” database rather than "template1"
Wontfix - Lamont makes sense
COOK-1998 - Enable override of PHP packages in attributes
Reopened - Move to attributes file
COOK-1725 - Configurable notification options for nagios::pagerduty
Reopened - Need to set backward compatibility attributes in the recipe in Chef 10
COOK-1539 - Homebrew won’t run as root
Reopened - Default to run as current user
COOK-2006 - Extract default checks out of nagios
Reopened - Create tickets instead of committing a TODO file
COOK-1996 - Add “source” recipe to build and install from the savannah git repositories
Reopened - Revision attribute, use notifications
COOK-1978 - chef-client cron output location configurable
Reopened - attribute name isn’t particularly clear

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