12/7 Opscode Ticket Triage


Today we learned in triage that having four people in a screen share
doesn’t make reading CAPTCHAs any easier. That was apparently a
difficult lesson for us as we worked around the CAPTCHAs
administratively instead.

Chef 0.10.6.rc.5 went out yesterday. I really, really want to ship
this. Probably Monday, maybe Friday if my schedule for the weekend is
open enough to be around in case of disaster. It’s full of win and now
we’ve got win piling up behind it.

We’re seeing an increase of people getting past the CLA step and now
understanding that their CLA has to be processed before they can
continue on JIRA seems to be the pain point. As it turns out at the
summit, a number of people were finding the ticket site through a web
search and didn’t see the How to Contribute page. We’ve re-written the
introduction on the dashboard of ticket site and hopefully it stands
out a bit more now: http://tickets.opscode.com

We have had a solid supply of tickets lately. Missing triage last week
put us a little behind, but we’ll catch right back up soon.

To merge:
CHEF-2443 - gem_package for jruby breaks unless a version is specified
CHEF-1700 - Service Provider for Mac OS X # noted that we should use
shell_out more moving forward
CHEF-2454 - Fatal error loading LWRP when cookbook name contains hyphen
CHEF-2512 - knife cookbook site install with specific version fails
CHEF-2697 - No default providers set for Linux Mint
COOK-859 - Passenger_apache2 recipe no longer works on CentOS –
module path is hard-coded
COOK-871 - Chef-Server cookbook should have option for NGINX proxy
COOK-864 - Bluepill does not properly monitor chef-server services
when specified as the init_style for chef-server cookbook
COOK-855 - dmg cookbook : user can designate a file or directory to
check for prior install instead of /Applications/resource.app
COOK-854 - dmg cookbook uses cp -R when installing .app files
COOK-853 - Git cookbook - Add client installation support for Centos 5.5
COOK-868 - Reference to @node in Apache Template in Nagios Cookbook
Should Just be node
COOK-477 - NGINX Module compilation support for nginx::source

CHEF-2737 - broken deep_merge of arrays between cookbook and role defaults
Commented - This functionality is pretty complex and I think we need
more eyes and use cases on it.
COOK-870 - Add bluepill init style support to NGINX cookbook
Reopened - Some features went missing in the refactor
COOK-852 - dmg cookbook can target type "pkg"
Reopened - Suggestion for reducing code duplication
COOK-862 - Support for “server_id” and “log_bin” attributes in
my.cnf in mysql::server
Reopened - The mysql server-id option appears incorrect
COOK-869 - Path to NRPE PID file Wrong in Nagios Cookbook Template
Reopened - Path isn’t going to be cross-platform

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