2/1 Opscode Code Review


To merge:
COOK-2316 - Permissions for SMF init type break Solaris 10
COOK-2296 - mod_auth_openid doesn’t have tags/releases for the version I need for features and fixes
COOK-1979 - Passenger module requires curl-dev(el)
COOK-2299 - runit_service resource does not properly start a non-running service
COOK-2314 - nginx::passenger: Install the latest version of passenger
COOK-2309 - checksums for geoip files need to be updated in nginx
COOK-2310 - Checksum in the nginx::upload_progress recipe is not correct
COOK-2232 - Provide PGDG yum repo to install postgresql 9.x on redhat-derived distributions
COOK-2163 - Dangerous “assign-postgres-password” in “recipes/server.rb” – Can lock out dbadmin access
COOK-2303 - git::server support for RHEL platform_family
COOK-2213 - iptables disabled recipe
COOK-2324 - Add Oracle linux support
COOK-2323 - Add Oracle linux support
COOK-2325 - load_current_resource does not load state of pool correctly, always sets running to false

COOK-2319 - The service recipe has too many lines of code
Reopened - Use recipes instead of definitions
COOK-2317 - Provide the ability to add disabled ohai plugins in a managed chef config
Reopened - Logic in the recipe, use #inspect
COOK-2320 - Use known_host LWRP for managing ssh_known_hosts
Reopened - Why separate LWRP cookbook? Don’t break solo support.
COOK-2207 - ark changes the mode of all extracted files
Reopened - Leave the mode option, remove the default

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