2/11 Opscode Code Review


To merge:
CHEF-3803 - mount resource does not update fstab entry when mount options have changed
CHEF-3734 - add options to control "git checkout -b deploy"
COOK-2345 - Java cookbook fails on CentOS6 (update-java-alternatives)
COOK-2368 - ‘version’ attribute of the ‘windows_package’ provider should be documented
COOK-2372 - apache2 mpm_worker: add ServerLimit attribute (default to 16)
COOK-2376 - Python pip default action
COOK-1918 - Ohai cookbook to distribute plugins fails on windows


CHEF-3804 - device_mount_regex in mount provider does not handle symlinks correctly
Reopened - Add an example comment to the regex please
CHEF-3819 - Execute with cwd attribute should check existence of sentiel file according to cwd value
Reopened - Catch the case of cwd versus fully-qualified paths
CHEF-1031 - remote file resource should handle ftp urls
Reopened - Refactor all the things
COOK-2252 - rsyslog bug with CentOS 6 provisioning
Reopened - make rsyslogd options an attribute
COOK-2340 - Create or delete a Windows service
Reopened - Move to Chef project, should be in core not in a cookbook
COOK-2370 - iis additions
Reopened - Don’t set default values on the new attributes
COOK-2369 - Add LDAP support in the nagios cookbook.
Reopened - Don’t set meaningless default attributes
COOK-2366 - Default recipe doesn’t create mnesia dir
Reopened - Guard mnesiadir against a nil
COOK-2371 - chef-server compaction recipe (chef 10) does not account for couchdb living on a remote host.
Reopened - try not to use Chef::Config.from_file
COOK-2359 - Adding IIS application fails if app pool contains spaces
Duplicate - COOK-2370

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