2/15 Opscode Code Review


To Merge:
COOK-2369 - Add LDAP support in the nagios cookbook.
COOK-2348 - lvm logical_volume doesn’t work with mount_point parameter as String
COOK-2257 - Nagios incorrectly tries to use cloud IPs due to a OHAI bug
COOK-2357 - rsyslog cookbook copies in wrong defaults file on Ubuntu !9.10/10.04
COOK-2356 - rsyslog service supports status. Service should use it.
COOK-2292 - Add fail2ban support for RHEL using EPEL
COOK-2298 - webpi will not install anything due to logic bug
COOK-2393 - chef-client::delete_validation checks for chef-server in the path, on chef 11, needs to check for chef-server-ctl
COOK-2399 - yum cookbook LWRPs fail FoodCritic
COOK-2403 - cookbook attribute expects argument to be a string
COOK-2404 - allow sending sigquit
COOK-1336 - Maven LWRP should support both transitive and non-transitive retrieval from a repository
COOK-2189 - yum::ius failed on install (caused from rpm dependency)

COOK-2298 - webpi will not install anything due to logic bug
Reopened - Check %PROGRAMFILES%
COOK-2395 - Add an optional “root” parameter
Reopened - Name the attribute app_root
COOK-2094 - The Nagios 3.0.0 server_source.rb is missing NRPE
Reopened - fork into a nrpe_source recipe
COOK-2383 - Postgre version incorrect in attributes
Reopened - Flip the conditional
COOK-1828 - ossec server and agent keys do not sync and prevents agent from starting
Reopened - Don’t restart every run
COOK-2381 - dynect: /etc/hosts entry does not get updated on Amazon Linux due to regex mismatch
Reopened - Use the PR in the second commit
COOK-2401 - Add the ability to manage the global logrotate configuration
Reopened - Move methods into cookbook libraries
COOK-2212 - Application does not autostart when server reboots.
Reviewed - Still not sure about the great autostart mystery

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