2/15 Opscode Ticket Triage


Laurent found a regression in the Ohai 0.6.12 release candidate today.
Thanks for testing! There’s a minor issue that is preventing network
interface counters from being collected in OHAI-325 that we will have
to resolve, so expect Ohai 0.6.12 next week now.

If you haven’t heard of the Food Fight Show podcast yet, check it out:
http://www.foodfightshow.org/ Bryan Berry and Matt Ray have been
hosting and providing great information on a regular basis.

I did some quick JIRA math today and found that against the Chef
project over the last two years we’re averaging 80 new tickets opened
and 58 resolved. Any earth-shattering ideas on how to reverse this
trend would be welcome. I’ve been thinking for a while about setting
up a JIRA workflow that have options for marking tickets confirmed or
incomplete in regard to reproducibility. Also we just need to put some
cycles into checking old tickets to see if they’re still an issue, but
that won’t really help these numbers.

To merge:
CHEF-2917 - privileges misspelled in chef/lib/chef/daemon.rb
CHEF-2927 - Log a warning if maxFieldLength is set to <= 10,000 in
COOK-1021 - apxs fails when installing additional modules
COOK-1022 - Incorrect /icons alias on some distros
COOK-1023 - Non-existent method creates a weird node attribute
COOK-1024 - Bash-ism in a2enmod
COOK-1025 - mod_php5 not installed on FreeBSD
COOK-1026 - Unusual error_log file on FreeBSD
COOK-1032 - key download problem with apt repository provider
COOK-1036 - pip provider in python cookbook has flawed version check
COOK-1039 - chef-client cookbook should support mac_os_x_server
COOK-1041 - IIS cookbook doesn’t correctly remove app pools

CHEF-2599 - remote_directory fails trying to purge a non-empty directory
Reopened - Needs testing, and a test
CHEF-2922 - ability to reload a recipe, for use in shef
Reopened - Upfactor to a new method and avoid the instance variable
OHAI-289 - ipaddress handling when node has multiple IP addresses
Closed - Tested against 0.6.12.rc.1, fixed by OHAI-325
COOK-974 - chef-server::apache-proxy should make it easy to redirect
http://<host_name>/ to https://<host_name:444 to access the webui
Reopened - Joshua wants to discuss some technical bits with the author
COOK-1009 - mysql gem not available within chef run on centos after
running mysql::client recipe on node
Reopened - Long term fix is chef_gem in Chef 0.10.10
COOK-1018 - pacman aur provider fails when a package is of ‘any’ cpu type.
Reopened - Joshua had comments. I forget what they were and he
hasn’t written them yet.
COOK-1028 - Adding support to call config command in IIS
Reopened - Accidental inclusion of a commit against ufw
COOK-1030 - Nginx cookbook should have an [array] attribute to hold
a set of modules to be installed.
Duplicate - COOK-477
COOK-1038 - nginx::source cookbook should support compilation with
custom (non-bundled) nginx modules
Duplicatisher - COOK-477

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