2/19 Chef Code Review


CHEF-4990 - Fix provider for the state of ‘maintenance’ Solaris services.
CHEF-4443 - Node run_list gets reset if the run fails running with
an overridden run_list
CHEF-4851 - Display all missing dependency cookbooks and versions
when uploading cookbook
CHEF-4075 - Support boolean and numeric types for metadata attribute

CHEF-1910 - As a Chef user, I want to manage node environments with knife
Reopened - Needs unit tests
CHEF-4962 - knife ssh to use cloud ssh port attribute if available
Reopened - refactor the action_nodes loop, be more clear about item
being an array now
CHEF-4957 - Mount resource won’t work when device is a relative symlink
Reopened - Needs a unit test
CHEF-4481 - knife bootstrap doesn’t let cmd line ssh options
override knife.rb options
Reopened - Shouldn’t need to specify order here anymore, should
happen by default

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