2/20 Code Review


Seems like forever since we reviewed knife cloud plugins. Too long,
sorry folks. We put some releases for ec2 and openstack on the short
term roadmap. Some long-term work on implementing a shared library for
knife cloud plugins and refactoring plugins to use it should start
coming out soon.

KNIFE-430 - EC2 server creation tunnelling should wait for a valid
banner before continuing
KNIFE-395 - Add support for setting service endpoint type

KNIFE-386 - knife ec2 server create doesn’t properly wait for WinRM
to be fully ready to run commands
Reviewed - Change the ticket to be knife-windows focused, as that is
where we will fix it
KNIFE-231 - added ability to specify arbitrary network ID
Reviewed - Matt Ray to produce a common fix
KNIFE-436 - Support fixed network type for OpenStack server create
Duplicate - KNIFE-231
KNIFE-444 - knife-hp incompatible with hpcloud v13.5
Reviewed - Matt Ray to test
KNIFE-428 - Added Availability zone to knife openstack
Reviewed - Matt Ray will pull in if KNIFE-444 works correctly
KNIFE-435 - Support user data for OpenStack server create
Reviewed - Needs a CLA
KNIFE-416 - knife-ec2 installation problem on ubuntu 13.10 / ruby1.9.3
Duplicate - KNIFE-372

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