2/20 Opscode Code Review


To merge:
CHEF-3847 - LanguageIncludeRecipe deprecation warning is incorrect
CHEF-3803 - mount resource does not update fstab entry when mount options have changed
CHEF-3804 - device_mount_regex in mount provider does not handle symlinks correctly
CHEF-3819 - Execute with cwd attribute should check existence of sentiel file according to cwd value
CHEF-3356 - Support for environments from json and ruby dsl files on chef-solo
CHEF-1031 - remote file resource should handle ftp urls
CHEF-1716 - add local file copy
CHEF-3856 - Remote file provider mutates the resource
CHEF-3786 - remote_file: support authenticated HTTP/HTTPS requests
CHEF-3880 - Recognize GCEL as a platform
OHAI-450 - Recognize GCEL as a platform
CHEF-3883 - Chef 11 status page does not list all nodes
COOK-2377 - calling node.save has adverse affects on nodes relying on a searched node’s ohai attributes
COOK-2335 - Chef 11 breaks ark resource
COOK-2402 - cookbook attribute expects argument to be a string
COOK-2412 - oracle isn’t supported by java cookbook
COOK-2410 - chef-client::service doesn’t always start the chef-client daemon
COOK-2024 - leap file introduced by COOK-1404 needs update
COOK-2183 - Install nginx package from nginxyum repo
COOK-2287 - Add support for installing Erlang from source
COOK-2381 - dynect: /etc/hosts entry does not get updated on Amazon Linux due to regex mismatch
COOK-2426 - Fail2ban cookbook needs syslog tunables in config file
COOK-2311 - headers-more should be updated to the latest version
COOK-2094 - The Nagios 3.0.0 server_source.rb is missing NRPE
COOK-2431 - gentoo - it should create the runit-start template before calling it
COOK-2395 - Add an optional “root” parameter
COOK-2435 - Foodcritic fixes for postgresql cookbook
COOK-1905 - It should be possible to customize the local.ini file in couchdb cookbook

CHEF-3237 - Expanding ‘~/Library/LaunchAgents’ fails resolving HOME when running chef-client as root
Reopened - Test fixes and minor code fixes
CHEF-3690 - refactor of windows_service.rb has broken chef-client when run as windows service
Reopened - Regression test
CHEF-3029 - ifconfig provider for debian/ubuntu platforms
Reopened - We should evaluate Chef::Platform separately
COOK-2413 - Deprecation warning when using Chef::Mixin::Language in chef-client cookbook under chef 11.x
Reopened - Check the Chef version
COOK-2415 - Deprecation warnings when using Chef::ShellOut with chef 11.x
Reopened - use shell_out!
COOK-2432 - Use Nginx maintainer package repository
Closed - Duplicate of COOK-2183
COOK-2353 - Runit does not update run template if the service is already enabled
Reopened - Still needs to have restart on change to the correct files implemented.
COOK-1629 - Couchdb source recipe not working on CentOS 5.8
Reopened - Add EPEL, rebase

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