2/21 Code Review


We had an extra Chef code review today because we missed a bunch over
the last couple of weeks due to holidays, travel and training.

I think we’re getting caught up all around on JIRA tickets again, so
we’ll be digging into pull requests looking for lost souls more often

CHEF-4643 - Add cookbook versions to chef-client INFO and DEBUG logs
CHEF-4918 - Override attributes saved as normal attributes after 2 runs.
CHEF-5017 - [Chef::Mixin::ShellOut] Create a method to get IO for live stream.
CHEF-5029 - Warnings et al telling what machines running knife ssh
connecting to arent displayed
CHEF-2816 - Allow special strings to be used in cron (@reboot etc)
CHEF-5037 - Wrong package provider is used on Solaris 11
CHEF-3812 - knife node run_list add needs a ‘before’ option
COOK-3725 - (sql_server) sql_server randomly-generated SA password
sometimes not strong enough
COOK-4112 - (cron) Solaris 11 support for cron

CHEF-5035 - Relative symlinks don’t work on Windows
Reopened - Needs a functional test

Waiting for feedback from Chef

COOK-3368 - (windows) windows_task fails on non-english version of windows
COOK-3380 - (windows) windows_task doesn’t support windows 2003/xp
task scheduler
COOK-4048 - (pxe_dust) set configuration with attributes (not only via data bag)

Waiting for feedback from submitter

COOK-3865 - (ohai) create hints and reload immediately
COOK-4268 - (sql_server) sql_server does not support installing SQL 2012
COOk-4099 - (mysql) node[“mysql”][“version”] attribute is never set


COOK-3381 - (windows) windows_task cannot create task with frequency :once

Won’t Fix

COOK-2125 - (sudoers) use sudoers.d by default for chef users and groups

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