2/22 Opscode Code Review


Should we run ‘apt-get update’ automatically when an apt installation fails, before we fail anyway? Chime in on CHEF-3930 (COOK-2458)

To merge:
COOK-2438 - WebPI should use an attribute for MSI package name
COOK-2433 - Nagios: ldap authentication needs to handle anonymous binding ldap servers
COOK-2440 - ssh_known_hosts fails to use data bag entries, doesn’t grab items
COOK-2239 - Consistency of directory configuration to apache2 recipe
COOK-2442 - Template uses an ActiveSupport method
COOK-2453 - application_python should allow the working directory of gunicorn processes to be set via an attribute
COOK-2455 - Support sendfile option (nginx.conf)
COOK-2390 - Recipes to auto-generate many postgresql.conf settings, following “initdb” and "pgtune"
COOK-2287 - Add support for installing Erlang from source

COOK-2436 - Upgrade needed for oracle jdk in java cookbook
Reopened - 7u15?
COOK-1488 - Provide an option to build haproxy from source
Reopened - Need a service resource for source installs
COOK-2439 - WebPI has invalid grep syntax
Reopened - Fix the anchor rather than remove it.
COOK-1976 - nginx source should be able to configure binary path
Reopened - Don’t break Chef 11 compatibility
COOK-2434 - Better support for SUSE distribution.
Reopened - Don’t delete entire directory trees blindly
COOK-2458 - Run Apt-get update when a package installation fails
Moved - This should be against core Chef.

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