2/25 Code Review


Ohai Chefs,

Just in time for today’s code review, here are some notes from the last
code review. Thanks for all the contributions!

** To Merge

  • MIXLIB-9 Add User Impersonation For Windows
    Looks good, but we want to do some basic testing around
    possible regressions in existing cookbook code.

  • CHEF-3784 Deprecation warning with override run list

  • CHEF-3898 chef-server-webui haml dependency issue.

  • COOK-2353 Runit does not update run template if the service is
    already enabled

  • COOK-2463 PHP PEAR Provider Installs Most Recent Version, Without
    Respect to Preferred State

  • COOK-2449 Make the distribute download location an attribute

** Reopen

  • CHEF-2205 User Provider should specify -M to user add when manage
    home is not set

    Chef 11 shipped, so this needs to either wait for Chef 12 or
    needs to be implemented in a backwards compatible way.

  • CHEF-3878 Chef should have a native partial search library

    We will need tests and we likely want to move around where these
    are defined. Also, the #search method is rather large and can
    likely be broken up a bit.

  • CHEF-3910 adding user_password option for "knife configure -i"

  • CHEF-3307 Name attribute in metadata.rb doesnt seem to actually work
    This patch makes the name required, which would be a breaking change.

  • COOK-2212 Application does not autostart when server reboots.

  • COOK-2319 The service recipe has too many lines of code
    Paul, this looks good but you might want to coordinate with the
    author in COOK-2466 and look at our github comments

  • COOK-2466 Chef client cookbook assumes ‘chef’ user and group
    Can we work this into COOK-2319 to avoid a rebase nightmare?

  • COOK-2452 WebPI should check comma separated string of components
    to determine which to install if any

    Looks good but Adam Edwards has some questions.

** Other

  • CHEF-3876
    Moved to COOK ticket.
  • CHEF-3908
    Moved to COOK ticket.

Steven Danna
Systems Engineer, Opscode, Inc
GPG Key: http://stevendanna.github.com/downloads/code/public.key