2/26 Code Review


20 COOK tickets in the review queue! I’m happy to see these numbers
continue to come down [finally!]. We missed CHEF today due to Dan
being otherwise engaged.

I was surprised to notice the other day that there have been over
14,000 minutes viewing my youtube channel. We started doing them in
Google Hangouts back around 10/30/12, after the 2012 Community Summit.

As we catch up in COOK, we’re likely going to start phasing out a
couple of the weekly COOK code reviews that we refer to as the
"synchronous code reviews." We hope to create a faster response time
by interacting on pull requests as them come in (asynchronously)
before they get out of hand and need a mechanism for the queue. But we
will keep at least one on the air code review a week for discussing
conflicts and for folks to jump in if they want to talk face to face.

I think every day about how we can be better about this. Thanks for

COOK-2100 - Changing innodb_log_file_size tunable results in
inability to start MySQL
COOK-3786 - Unable to install multiple versions of application using
Ark cookbook to directories without duplicated version
COOK-4180 - wordpress cookbook should leverage database cookbook
COOK-4126 - rsyslog cookbook fails restarts due to not using upstart
COOK-4218 - Support setting SELinux boolean values
COOK-4253 - Many install options in sql_server are not configurable
COOK-4329 - Migrate minitest PITs to latest test-kitchen + serverspec
COOK-4304 - XML cookbook does not work on suse 11
COOK-4330 - Bump nginx version for security issues (CVE-2013-0337,
COOK-4280 - Rabbitmq upstart service does not properly emit started event
COOK-4338 - chef-client Upstart job starts too early

COOK-2589 - Small update support for MSI packages
Closed - Still need a good PR for this feature. Wontfix until we get
a response.
COOK-3639 - Allow developer to specify a custom php.ini.erb template
Closed - Reporter closed the PR, I closed the ticket.
COOK-4246 - Database PostgreSQL providers use ‘template1’ database by default
Reopened - Need a response regarding COOK-1913
COOK-4343 - 100 is a valid piops value
Closed - Fixed

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