2/27 Opscode Code Review


To merge:
CHEF-3920 - Repeated text in converge_by message for LWRPs when running in why_run mode
CHEF-3937 - Chef::knife::CookbookUpload is missing [require ‘chef/cookbook_uploader’] causing exceptions from ref on line 230
OHAI-430 - Linux Mint 14 is detected as Debian
COOK-968 - windows_package provider should gracefully handle paths with spaces
COOK-2400 - Allow java ark :url to be https
COOK-2473 - Install Nagios 3.4.4 for source installs
COOK-2475 - celerybeat supervisor process is unnecessarily configured
COOK-2468 - python cookbook - Chef 11 compat fixes

CHEF-3919 - Modify Chef::Platform to allow “greater than” conditionals
Reopened - Don’t overload the cookbook version class
CHEF-3865 - Create or delete a Windows service
Reopened - Missing patch
CHEF-3932 - Later Knife.deps (i.e. dependency lazy loading) call overrides the earlier block
Reopened - Needs a test
CHEF-3933 - Gem Package provider incompatible with rubygems 2.0
Closed - Fix was merged, cloned Chef 10 work into another ticket
COOK-2464 - Recipe fails if shf-server didn’t create ‘chef’ user yet
Reopened - Patch wouldn’t work
COOK-2470 - Add “user” directive support to Unicorn cookbook
Reopened - Make the group configuration more clear
COOK-2460 - create attribute for allowed_hosts
Reopened - allow both search and a fixed setting
COOK-2339 - Make slapd.conf complete configurable with attributes
Reopened - Use dynamic config pattern
COOK-2476 - Installation into database of any contrib module extensions listed in a node attribute
Reopened - Make it idempotent, use a standard pattern for running commands against the database

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