2/28 Code Review


OHAI-551 - Ohai cannot detect running in an lxc container.
OHAI-554 - Normalize cloud attributes for azure
OHAI-542 - define cloud plugin interface
COOK-4392 - Cleanup git_config LWRP
COOK-4368 - Improve Varnish cookbook documentation to include all
current attributes
COOK-4308 - Memcached cookbook does not enable memcache on RHEL/Fedora/Suse
COOK-4212 - Memcached cookbook ignores max_object_size on Fedora,
Redhat, and Amazon Linux
COOK-4099 - mysql cookbook templates/default/my.cnf.erb has <%- if
node[“mysql”][“version”].to_f >= 5.5 %> which is never set
COOK-4393 - Install from source repeatedly installs when PHP binary
is not found in PATH

OHAI-541 - Ohai fails to collect ec2 metadata if one of the
resources returns a 404
Reopened - Breaks a test, shouldn’t blindly rescue everything.
OHAI-470 - Add getconf plugin
Reopened - Tests, shellout
CHEF-3844 - install.sh should check if Chef Client is already installed
Reviewed - We should do something about this in test-kitchen
COOK-4048 - Be able to set configuration with attributes (and not
only via data bag)
Poked - Matt Ray
COOK-2100 - Changing innodb_log_file_size tunable results in
inability to start MySQL
Poked - Sean O’Meara
COOK-4259 - MySQL cookbook server recipe does nothing on Fedora
Reopened - What’s the status of mysql + fedora, is this something
that is viable?
COOK-2065 - Do not download tarball when thrift has been already installed
Closed - Contributor disappeared
COOK-3387 - adding auth_params to squid cookbook
Closed - Contributor disappeared
COOK-1185 - Update Jira recipe to 5.x version
Poked - Joshua

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