2/29 Opscode Ticket Triage


Today is final day to register for #ChefConf at Ultra-early pricing,
there are only a few hours left.

I’ve got a potential fix for OHAI-325 but I’m wondering if we want the
added dependency. Ohai is so much more fundamental and important than
we often realize. Take a look here and give me any thoughts:

I merged OHAI-311 today despite trying to get Ohai out the door, we
agreed it was pretty important to everyones sanity.

To merge:
OHAI-311 - Prints warning on Ruby 1.9.3
CHEF-2919 - knife (Chef 0.10.8) - downloading / installing XXXXXX
cookbook fails on CentOS 5.7 64-bit. CentOS 5.7 32-Bit install works.
CHEF-2543 - knife cookbook upload -d will re-upload a cookbook if it
is a chain dependency
CHEF-2488 - Dpkg provider doesn’t properly detect packages with a
’.’ in their name

KNIFE_WINDOWS-1 - Add user domain support to knife windows bootstrap
Closed - Duplicate of KNIFE_WINDOWS-4
KNIFE_WINDOWS-4 - Unable to use domain credentials with windows
winrm subcommands
Commented - Please add some testing around the user provided input
KNIFE_WINDOWS-2 - knife-windows - can’t run winrm bootstrap
subcommand from Windows 7 machine
Closed - Fixed upstream
KNIFE_WINDOWS-17 - WinRM Should use NTLM Auth when \ is detected in username
Closed - Duplicate of KNIFE_WINDOWS-4
KNIFE_WINDOWS-5 - Winrm throws 401 if user is not Administrator actual
Reopened - We need to find out what running chef via knife winrm
doesn’t work for users in the local admins group.
KNIFE_WINDOWS-14 - windows omnibus installer download fails when using proxy
Reopened - Needs some review from Seth C.

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