2/4 Opscode Code Review


Wow, what a Monday. I need to summarize the day for my own benefit.

  • Chef 11 is out
  • Facebook loves Private Chef
  • Cycle Computing ran 10k nodes on a single Chef 11 server
  • Announced a new version of Private Chef with:
    • Activity Reporting Dashboards
    • New WebUI
    • Push Client Runs
  • Commercial Support for Open Source

If you didn’t catch all that, it’s in the blog, press releases and on twitter. More information will continue to stream out over the next couple of weeks now that we’ve passed the embargo.

To merge:
CHEF-3772 - Managing services on Solaris and SmartOS does not works well.
CHEF-3809 - Getting error NoMethodError: undefined method `CloseHandle’ for Chef::ReservedNames::Win32::Handle:Class on Windows servers
COOK-2294 - Add cas authentication to nagios cookbook
COOK-2320 - Merge known_host LWRP into ssh_known_hosts
COOK-2327 - nginx: passenger recipe should find ruby via Ohai
COOK-2328 - nginx: Update mime.types file to the latest
COOK-2329 - nginx: Update naxsi rules to the current
COOK-1998 - Enable override of PHP packages in attributes
COOK-2305 - nginx cookbook should use platform_family not platform
COOK-2330 - celeryconfig.py.erb tries to use non-existant String#upper method
COOK-2220 - Support client_max_body_size (in nginx.conf)
COOK-1270 - webpi creates logs with timestamps in the name cluttering c:
COOK-2336 - MSI That requires reboot returns with RC 3010 and causes chef run failure
COOK-2332 - ark provider does not allow for *.tgz tarballs to be used
COOK-2317 - Provide the ability to add disabled ohai plugins in a managed chef config
COOK-2338 - Support pinngin by glob() or regexp
COOK-2334 - Add ability to set locale on Ubuntu

CHEF-3816 - diff output can print out file contents that you don’t want logged
Discussed - Workaround exists, needs work
CHEF-3707 - knife configure -i should create a user and not a client
Discussed - Will merge in upcoming release
CHEF-2420 - Git resource always re-checks out unchanged annotated tags.
Reopened - What is a degenerate annotated tag?
CHEF-3307 - Name attribute in metadata.rb doesnt seem to actually work
Reopened - Consider using #metadata instead of #cookbook_version as noted in the PR
CHEF-3490 - Name attribute in metadata should be required
Discussed - We could add a warning, but we can’t make this change until Chef 12 now.
COOK-1709 - Add ‘grant_option’ parameter.
Reopened - Needs a rebase
COOK-2334 - Add ability to set locale on Ubuntu
Reopened - Code could be cleaned up
COOK-2308 - Allow specifying hostgroups to not monitor/ignore
Reopened - How does this work?

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