2/8 Opscode Ticket Triage


Another big week of cookbook ticket triage. It’s great seeing the
Windows love coming in.

We’re planning on looking at the big refactor of the Application
cookbook next week. I’ve got my fingers crossed that we will see
something come out of that, as we’ve been waiting a while for it.

The Opscode Engineering team continues to do significant work on our
Ruby Omnibus project, and a ton of interesting work on Private Chef,
but by the time it trickles out into the open source code base it
won’t really smell like that product any longer. Still, there’s some
serious automation afoot internally and at our customer sites that is
pretty impressive.

I’ve just pushed out a release candidate for Ohai 0.6.12, I’ll send
another email about that. I’ll begin merging for Chef 0.10.10 next
week (finally!). It looks like we might make doing some release
management part of my regular activity instead of scheduled work
(which risks being bumped). This will help stabilize the release

As always, please feel welcome to email me directly if there’s
something you would like to do in community and Opscode could help you
out with. I’ll find the right person for you.

To merge:
CHEF-2904 - Fix undefined Chef::Log when using Chef::REST
CHEF-1827 - Git provider should recursively update/init submodules
KNIFE_EC2-18 - enabling to give a new tag key to an EC2 instance
created with knife, as well as set its name
COOK-911 - Add auto-clustering and SSL support to the rabbitmq recipe
COOK-950 - IIS Cookbok incorrectly states version of IIS supported
and OS platform support
COOK-956 - Add ‘make’ package to debian/ubuntu postgresql::client
COOK-974 - chef-server::apache-proxy should make it easy to redirect
http://<host_name>/ to https://<host_name:444 to access the webui
COOK-981 - NGINX service should support reload - config files should
notify reload, not restart
COOK-986 - if chef-client::delete_validation is run on a chef-server
/etc/chef/validation.pem is deleted.
COOK-988 - Powershell never exists on the powershell resource
COOK-989 - PHP source recipe installs an old version of php
COOK-991 - Nagios NRPE LWRP No Longer Requires a Template
COOK-993 - Building php from source on centos is missing mhash-devel
COOK-996 - apache2::mod_php5 can cause PHP and module API mismatches
COOK-1003 - Arch support for passenger 2
COOK-1007 - windows_feature does not work to remove features with dism
COOK-1008 - Added parameters for names of different templates in runit
COOK-1012 - IIS Cookbook to support adding apps

CHEF-2543 - knife cookbook upload -d will re-upload a cookbook if it
is a chain dependency
Reopened - Refine and solve the infinite loop on @name_arg edge case
COOK-813 - Extending maven cookbook, please merge
Closed - This was merged
COOK-856 - Add the vhost_combined LogFormat
Reopened - CLA required
COOK-984 - rabbit mq gets restarted on every run because of lwrp
no_if test not updated for rabbit 2.5.0 cli changes
Reopened - The test looks fragile
COOK-999 - pxe_dust should use full stack installer for clients
Closed - Already merged
COOK-1009 - mysql gem not available within chef run on centos after
running mysql::client recipe on node
Reopened - mysql cookbook no longer uses mysql gem itself, and
shouldn’t install it
COOK-1014 - Templates for ssh(d).conf files.
Reopened - Various issues with file names, attribute names, etc.

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