3/11 Opscode Code Review


To merge:
CHEF-1031 - remote file resource should handle ftp urls
KNIFE-190 - VPC private IP support
COOK-2476 - Installation into database of any contrib module extensions listed in a node attribute
COOK-2507 - bluepill: stringify languages attributes
COOK-2509 - Add support for installing Erlang/OTP from Erlang Solutions’ repositories
COOK-2283 - lvm version mismatch on fresh amazon linux install
COOK-1488 - Provide an option to build haproxy from source
COOK-2228 - windows_task resource does not declare :change action
COOK-2074 - Regex in exists? check in sql_server_database resource should match for start and end of line
COOK-2075 - Support the collation attribute in the database_sql_server provider

KNIFE-241 - Allow setting delay before contacting sshd while in VPC
Reopened - Provide debug info, lets fix the issue rather than just adding delay
KNIFE-177 - Spot-Instance Support
Reopened - Need to understand the use pattern
COOK-2506 - aws: stringify keys and use default_action helper
Reopened - Need to keep the initialize method
COOK-2387 - Pitti Postgresql PPA is deprecated
Reopened - Make sure deprecated repository is cleaned up
COOK-2501 - Reference to [‘postfix’][‘domain’] should be [‘postfix’][‘mydomain’]
Reopened - No CLA
COOK-2514 - php_pear: does not handle more exotic version strings
Reopened - Where is #haz_ver used?

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