3/12 Code Review


Woot. We’re caught up on the code review queue for both Chef and Ohai.
Knife as well, as a matter of fact.

We’ll be reviewing COOK asynchronously today, as we’re pretty well
caught up and I need to focus on some of the windows contributions.

OHAI-557 - Capture FreeBSD osreldate for comparison purposes
CHEF-4203 - knife cookbook test should honor chefignore
CHEF-5102 - Clarity in the initial bootstrap message

CHEF-5109 - Update Omnitruck to state support for Windows Server 2012 R2
CHEF-4973 - Naming convention fixes to the Dyn FreeBSD 8.3 & 9.1
Vagrant boxes in Omnibus-Chef
CHEF-4995 - Errno::ETXTBSY Text file busy (11.8)
CHEF-5070 - Install Chef Client webpage shows wrong version
CHEF-5034 - Omnitruck doesn’t install for Univention Corporate
Server (UCS) 3.2

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