3/13 Opscode Code Review


To merge:
MIXLIB-10 - mixlib-log has overly pessimistic dependencies
MIXLIB-7 - remove unneeded dependency on awesome_print Gem in mixlib-shellout
CHEF-3307 - Name attribute in metadata.rb doesnt seem to actually work
CHEF-3967 - Use HTTPS when connecting to RubyGems.org
COOK-2510 - app_root is an attribute for php resource instead of mod_php_apache2
COOK-2513 - Make user/groups into attributes to fix issue with missing nogroup group on CentOS
COOK-2515 - Better support for SUSE distribution for mysql cookbook
COOK-2516 - Better support for SUSE distribution for php cookbook
COOK-2521 - rsyslog cookbook incorrectly sets directory ownership to rsyslog user
COOK-2519 - Add priority option to Yum repo files
COOK-1629 - Couchdb source recipe not working on CentOS 5.8
COOK-2257 - Nagios incorrectly tries to use cloud IPs due to a OHAI bug
COOK-2474 - hosts.cfg.erb assumes if nagios server node has the cloud attributes all nodes have the cloud attributes
COOK-2546 - nrpe config files should not be world readable
COOK-2558 - Services that are attached to hostgroups created from the nagios_hostgroups databag are not created
COOK-2565 - nginx don’t send AUTH_USER & REMOTE_USER to nagios

MIXLIB-9 - Add User Impersonation For Windows
Reopened - Validate options during initialize
MIXLIB-5 - update test-kitchen support for rvm “runtimes” to run tests
Reopened - This was already merged
MIXLIB-6 - unit test failure on Fedora due to /bin being a symlink to /usr/bin
Reopened - This breaks on OS X
COOK-2589 - Small update support for MSI packages
Moved - This was in CHEF
CHEF-3953 - ImmutableMash and ImmutableArray should implement to_hash and to_a respectively
Reopened - Return a fully mutable object
CHEF-3861 - Install fails on Arch Linux
Discussed - Opscode isn’t going to ship Omnibus packages for Arch. What are we going to do?
COOK-2494 - Users cookbook - SElinux patch which changes security context after public key installation
Wontfix - No selinux specific resources
COOK-2517 - Hash support for ssh_config
Reopened - Needs docs
COOK-2520 - Refactor ark providers to use the ‘use_inline_resources’ LWRP DSL feature
Reopened - Don’t break test-kitchen
COOK-2523 - application_java: deployments do not follow standards set by the Deploy provider
Reopened - Not sure if this is appropriate or not. Who deploys Java?

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