3/14 Code Review


Sean O’Meara, your friendly neighborhood cookbook wrangler, and I ran
through asynchronous cookbook review Friday afternoon. So only my
notes follow.

We’ve been meeting in Google Hangouts less for cookbook code review.
Any feedback? Missing us? Any changes you’d like to see?

Overall, we’d like to see all of our projects be less Chef [the
company] centric. That is, we want “The Community” to not mean you
guys, but rather all of us, with Chef [the company] being a
participant in that community.

As always, appreciate input.

COOK-4420 - mod_security recipe broken for Windows OS’s >= 2008R2

COOK-3380 - windows_task doesn’t support windows 2003/xp task scheduler
Reopened - Needs someone to continue the work
COOK-4323 - [nginx] Need a resource to easily configure available
sites (vhosts)
Reopened - Docs for the definition, rebase
COOK-4396 - Wrong installation path because platform is not detected
Reopened - platform_family? should work in an attributes file.

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