3/14 Opscode Ticket Triage


Three cheers go out to Paul Morton for all his recent work gardening
pull requests and tickets. It’s a YakShave[tm] out there, and we
appreciate the help a lot!

Laurent has somehow tricked me into writing tests for OHAI-325 for
him. But with his use cases, I’m pretty happy with the quality of the
tests we’ve produced for linux networking data in Ohai. We’ll keep
chugging along there and as soon as it is out work on getting a Chef
release out.

To merge:
CHEF-2964 - FreeBSD service provider is too sensitive to the current state
CHEF-2971 - Force Chef::knife::SSH to use the net-ssh 'keys_only’
option when identity file is passed
CHEF-2745 - cron resource should be able to take an attribute of
arbitrary ENV settings
CHEF-2967 - Git clone should escape destination
CHEF-2068 - remote_file fails on a HTTP response "303 See Other"
COOK-477 - NGINX Module compilation support for nginx::source
COOK-1034 - Chef-Expander bluepill config does not have a default
value set for node count
COOK-1048 - installation of pip does not honor selected python version
COOK-1089 - resolver cookbook can now accept resolver options
COOK-1097 - Documentation missing to mention mod_rails recipe

CHEF-1398 - Run List Item regex is too lenient, creating bizarre
invalid item names
Reopened - Suggested another regex, and another test
CHEF-2968 - ‘knife node run_list add’ should take a list of RunListItems
Reopened - Suggested another method, and another test
COOK-970 - database::ebs_volume fails with “Chef::Exceptions::Mount:
Device /dev/sdi does not exist” on Ubuntu 11.04
Needs further review from Joshua
COOK-1002 - chef-client service is not started for init_style = init
Reopened - Further testing required to look for edge case
COOK-1016 - python package needs separate names for centos/rhel 5.x vs 6.x
Reopened - Utilize internal Opscode fix in final solution
COOK-1067 - Support for PECL zend extensions, and better file name handling.
Reopened - Resource needs to be updated and some code suggestions
COOK-1082 - passenger_apache2 cookbook 'no such file to load mkmf’
Reopened - Assumption on ruby installation method isn’t appropriate
for this cookbook
COOK-1093 - [Pull Request] Allow a firewalls ‘default policy’ to be set
Reopened - Refactor private methods into load_current_resource,
default deny policy.
COOK-899 - nginx source recipe should use service based on an attribute
Needs to be closed, already released.

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Just updated CHEF-2068 to enable generic redirections on #rest_request
method in addition to #api_request.

Also all required specs added. Feel free to merge.

2012/3/15 Bryan McLellan btm@opscode.com

To merge:
CHEF-2068 - remote_file fails on a HTTP response “303 See Other”

Bryan McLellan | opscode | technical program manager, open source
© 206.607.7108 | (t) @btmspox | (b) http://blog.loftninjas.org