3/17 Code Review


OHAI-558 - Allow IBM PowerKVM platform family
CHEF-5012 - Template breadcrumbs
COOK-4131 - haproxy broken on redhat distros
COOK-842 - HAProxy should be able to create multiple pools and frontends

COOK-4439 - Add PHP 5.5.9 support on ubuntu 12.04
Reopened - Should we use specinfra?
COOK-4440 - Add support for php-mcrypt module
Reopened - See COOK-4439
COOK-4446 - Apache2 cookbook ohai plugin
Reviewed - Needs more input
COOK-3915 - Add printer driver provider and resource
Reopened - A couple changes, want to fork these LWRPs?
CHEF-5092 - chef_gem should use omnibus gem binary
Reviewed - We should test this on Windows
CHEF-5127 - Add Chef Sugar as a core dependency
Reviewed - Many conversations to have. Probably an ML post.

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