3/20 Opscode Code Review


To merge:
KNIFE-151 - Add an option to bind instance to elastic ip prior to bootstrap
COOK-2528 - useless runit in node_ssh
COOK-2518 - Multi Environment
COOK-2422 - Support disabling Tomcat auth
COOK-2421 - Correct name of cookbook in attributes/default.rb
COOK-2452 - WebPI should check comma separated string of components to determine which to install if any
COOK-2541 - Nagios cookbook should use node.roles instead of node.run_list.roles when calculating hostgroups
COOK-2450 - Add ability to define service groups through data bags.
COOK-2543 - Adds the ability to normalize hostnames to lowercase

CHEF-4010 - Chef client does not release lock when connection to server failed
Reopened - Use a single begin block
CHEF-4011 - default location of “encrypted_data_bag_secret” should be set in Chef::Config
Reopened - Consider a warning message that is less forceful
CHEF-3970 - Allow json_class key for passed in json_attributes
Reopened - Why?
COOK-2527 - Can’t use package to install jenkins
Reopened - Don’t pull out the install_method carpet
COOK-2550 - Re-order PATH set in before_compile
Reopened - Sure.
COOK-2307 - Allow specifying a monitored client interface
Reopened - Move the logic out of the gist and into the cookbook

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