3/22 Opscode Code Review


To merge:
COOK-2322 - runit init template is broken on debian
COOK-2556 - Chef-Server: IP address in Vagrantfile will conflict with other auto-generated Vagrantfiles
COOK-2557 - mysql::percona_repo attributes missing and key server typo
COOK-2561 - mysql_database_user can’t set global grants
COOK-2493 - Resources in nginx::source recipe always use 1.2.6 version, even overriding version attribute
COOK-2514 - php_pear: does not handle more exotic version strings

COOK-2563 - Installation fails when we have a dirty '/var/lib/alternatives/#{cmd}'
Reopened - Use --force rathering than rm
COOK-2551 - Support creating the sender_canonical map file
Reopened - Be more clear about what we’re doing here
COOK-2564 - Apache2 Cookbook - Allow port to be defined in web_app
Reopened - Document the feature

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