3/24 Code Review


We’re on the final few days before chef and ohai freeze for testing
for the upcoming release targeted around ChefConf. Whoooo! Exciting!

OHAI-182 - support for chained virtualizations systems
CHEF-5092 - chef_gem should use omnibus gem binary
CHEF-5133 - Attribute merge statement is inaccurate
CHEF-5134 - Warn on no SSL verification
CHEF-5147 - knife cookbook upload checks for dependency even when
depends flag is set to false
CHEF-4637 - Add support for the new generation FreeBSD package manager
CHEF-4888 - Windows::ReservedNames::Win32::Version is broken in
attributes mode

CHEF-5065 - When raising cookbooknotfound, the full list of cookbook
dependencies should be shown
Reopened - Factor out tracking the reverse dependencies

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