3/25 Opscode Code Review

To merge:
CHEF-2420 - Git resource always re-checks out unchanged annotated tags.
CHEF-2750 - git SCM/Deploy Resource should have an option to require a "git submodule sync"
CHEF-3932- Later Knife.deps (i.e. dependency lazy loading) call overrides the earlier block
MIXLIB-9 - Add User Impersonation For Windows
CHEF-3987 - Resource collection has duplicate code in “push” and "<<"
CHEF-3919 - Modify Chef::Platform to allow “greater than” conditionals
CHEF-4004 - Select to Close Existing Environment Run List Uses Incorrect Rails Helper
CHEF-3951 - databag item creation not possible
COOK-2531 - Remove usage of non-existant attribute “description” for apt_repository

CHEF-4003 - Make template path available
Reopened - Add to the ChefContext as a method instead
COOK-2579 - application_nginx cookbook should accept “application_port” as string for unix sockets
Reopened - Don’t overload application_port
COOK-2583 - Add additional ark attributes for ant source install
Reopened - Don’t force default values where not needed
COOK-2428 - Resolver cookbook has nil @options in template with Chef 11
Reopened - Are you setting the variable to nil?
COOK-2586 - Create a powershell_out mixin to be able to use in LWRPs for calling powershell
Reviewed - Should this be a core feature?

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