3/27 Opscode Code Review


To merge:
CHEF-3932 - Later Knife.deps (i.e. dependency lazy loading) call overrides the earlier block
CHEF-3471 - knife bootstrap of a Solaris 10 host is an immediate failure

CHEF-3976 - chef_objects rejects “provides ‘service[foo]’” in metadata
Reviewed - Need a final +1 from Seth F
CHEF-2821 - add “–sudo-use-password” option to knife bootstrap to tell sudo to read --ssh-password from stdin
Reopened - Improve test descriptions
CHEF-4002 - Chef-Apply does not work with template resources
Reopened - Don’t monkey patch our own methods
CHEF-3958 - Allow use of templates/ dir with remote_directory
Reopened - Concepts discussed seem okay
CHEF-3768 - Chef server stops responging
Closed - We don’t control the rabbitmq config.
CHEF-4013 - knife bootstrap on xcp fails for failing to determine platform_version
Reopened - What versions of XCP map to what versions of RHEL?

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