3/31 Code Review


Only two weeks until ChefConf! Yaaaaaay!

CHEF-5155 - Mount Provider does not document the username, password,
or domain attributes for the Windows provider
CHEF-5015 - force_unlink should only unlink if the file already exists
CHEF-5161 - Don’t eat the authentication failed exception on bootstrap
COOK-4490 - Fix minitest apache_configured_ports helper
COOK-4491 - fix minitest: escape regex interpolation
COOK-4492 - Fix service[apache2] CHEF-3694 duplication
COOK-4493 - Fix template[ports.conf] CHEF-3694 duplication
COOK-4494 - Add ChefSpec matchers for chef_handler resource
COOK-4496 - support Amazon Linux in iptables cookbook

CHEF-5159 - Fix bug where environments could not be used with chef-solo
Reopened - Failing test, is this different from the pattern in Chef::Role
CHEF-5035 - Relative symlinks don’t work on Windows
Reopened - How do we determine this is relative?
COOK-3942 - Windows cookbook: custom headers support for
windows_package resource
Wontfix - Use remote_file separately
COOK-4026 - Recent HAProxy cookbook changes break default recipe
Duplicate - This cookbook moved to heavywater
COOK-4421 - mysql service no longer starts on boot since COOK-4184
Reopened - See mysql cookbook refactor @someara

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