3/4 Opscode Code Review


We have a release candidate of the Chef 11 Server, version 11.0.8-rc.1 ready for testing. You can download it from Omnitruck using the prerelease argument, here is an Ubuntu 10.04 example:

wget ‘http://www.opscode.com/chef/download-server?p=ubuntu&pv=10.04&m=x86_64&v=latest&prerelease=true’ -O chef-server.deb
sudo dpkg -I chef-server.rb
sudo chef-server-ctl reconfigure

To merge:
COOK-2492 - Ruby System("") call that includes an ‘&’ on Ubuntu has odd behavior.
COOK-1976 - nginx source should be able to configure binary path
COOK-2419 - Windows cookbook should check for redefined constants
COOK-2398 - nginx_site definition cannot be used to manage the default site
COOK-2481 - Added documentation for chef-server tunables

CHEF-3953 - Mash class .to_hash method leaves behind immutable objects
Reopened - Modify ImmutableMash and ImmutableArray
CHEF-3938 - Make gpg checks default in the zypper package provider
Reopened - Work toward this as a default, allow a global setting
CHEF-3307 - Name attribute in metadata.rb doesnt seem to actually work
Reopened - We need to consistently return the cookbook name without going in circles
COOK-2503 - add EBS raid volumes and provisioned IOPS support for AWS
Reopened - Number of improvements discussed
COOK-2425 - Add SSL connector support
Reopened - Defaults should be nil
COOK-2418 - Support setting SELinux security contexts on modified files
Wont Fix - Still don’t want to add selinux execute resources to the cookbooks.

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