3/5 Code Review


CHEF-5068 - Chef server Nginx config should support TLS 1.1 / 1.2
out of the box
COOK-4393 - Install from source repeatedly installs when PHP binary
is not found in PATH
COOK-4402 - yum-fedora cookbook doesn’t set gpgkey correctly for Fedoras >= 20
COOK-4101 - Support ENV[‘https_proxy’]

CHEF-5075 - json_attribs fail to load when taken from tarball in
remote recipe_url
Reopened - unit test or comment
CHEF-5065 - When raising cookbooknotfound, the full list of cookbook
dependencies should be shown
Reopened - chef-solo? Can we make this simpler?
CHEF-5080 - remote_directory produces inconsistent dir permissions
Reopened - What Lamont said.
OHAI-295 - Add support for lxc linux container
Reviewed - Duplicates OHAI-551, need to merge anything?
CHEF-3298 - broken packages in apt.opscode.com
wontfix - we aren’t building distribution compliant packages any longer.
COOK-4056 - Added MongoDB functionality to database cookbook
Reopened - headers/copyrights, do we want the bson_ext gem here?
COOK-4337 - cron cookbook does no input validation
Reopened - split validate_nameable, consider CHEF-4786.

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