3/6 Opscode Code Review


To merge:
CHEF-2420 - Git resource always re-checks out unchanged annotated tags.
CHEF-3963 - and_return with should_not_receive is deprecated in rspec
COOK-2482- Chef 11: notification_email cannot be set correctly in /etc/chef-server/chef-server.rb
COOK-2461 - apache2::mod_auth_openid fails on some ubuntu systems
COOK-2483 - Windows package install type is case sensitive
COOK-2401 - Add the ability to manage the global logrotate configuration
COOK-2503- add EBS raid volumes and provisioned IOPS support for AWS
COOK-2484 - virtualenv and requirements are installed as root instead of uid/gid specified by application properties
COOK-1068 - Nagios::client should support CentOS/RHEL NRPE installs via package
COOK-2487 - when setting a node attribute you must specify the precedence

CHEF-3919 - Modify Chef::Platform to allow “greater than” conditionals
Reopened - Make Chef::Version::Platform the subclass
CHEF-3958 - Allow use of templates/ dir with remote_directory
Reopened - Might be worthwhile as a new DSL feature
CHEF-3965 - Additional option for knife bootstrap to accept JSON files for firstboot
Reopened - Test, try to standardize -j
COOK-2425 - Add SSL connector support
Reopened - Put patches in the pull request
COOK-2488 - Convert Java Ark provider to use Chef::Mixin::ShellOut
Reopened - Fix Cruft

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