3/7 Opscode Ticket Triage


It is sometimes too easy to forget how important Ohai is. We’ve been
adding a bunch of additional tests around the Linux network plugin
with iproute and we should see some side-effect features like vlan
attributes. Many thanks to Laurent for having a bizarre desktop system
and being willing to test against it. I’ll keep plugging away at it,
keep an eye on master or wait for the next RC email.

I’ve usually been merging triaged tickets when we make a release, but
we’re going to try dedicating some time every Thursday to merging and
seeing if that helps those who work off of master. We will keep
running spec tests before we merge, but master will continue to be
otherwise untested. Stephen Delano wants a synonym that starts with T
for merging, but “Triage Tuesday” is on Wednesday these days, so he is
really just trolling.

To merge:
CHEF-2956 - Update gemspec to use latest RSpec
CHEF-2852 - can’t modify frozen string
CHEF-2599 - remote_directory fails trying to purge a non-empty directory
OHAI-296 - Adjust OpenVZ to support new proc entries
CHEF-2922 - ability to reload a recipe, for use in shef
COOK-1084 - Many cookbooks broken on FreeBSD < 8.2
COOK-1074 - freebsd cookbook that abstracts away platform peculiarities
COOK-1043 - Bluepill cookbook fails on OS X because it tries to use
’root’ group
COOK-1053 - Add :src_url attribute to nginx cookbook
COOK-1062 - Databases: Postgres exists should close connection
COOK-1077 - ssh_known_hosts should allow adding arbitrary host keys
from a data bag
COOK-1080 - Fixes for centos/rhel boxen and pdns::recursor cookbook

CHEF-2964 - FreeBSD service provider is too sensitive to the current state
Reopened - Provide tests and use shellout
CHEF-2938 - Add a luarocks provider
Reopened - Use shellout and rebase instead of merge
CHEF-2959 - Allow downgrade of packages via the
Chef::Provider::package::Apt provider.
Reopened - Resource specific attribute that may not be needed
CHEF-2958 - gem_package install fails when gem_binary is specified
and source is a local file
Open - needs a test, I need to follow up on CCLA
CHEF-2944 - Chef client wedges in sleep state under certain
conditions (likely when chef server barfs on a response).
Commented - Suggested using iptables to recreate the server wedge.
COOK-1009 - mysql gem not available within chef run on centos after
running mysql::client recipe on node
Reopened - What is the least surprise, using system libraries or
rubygems? Does this change by distribution? opinions?
COOK-970 - database::ebs_volume fails with “Chef::Exceptions::Mount:
Device /dev/sdi does not exist” on Ubuntu 11.04
Further review: Check the device names for Ubuntu 10.04 to 11.10.
COOK-1002 - chef-client service is not started for init_style = init
What is the use case where the service is not started in the first
place? the template resources that get dropped off should take care of
that on the initial run.
COOK-671 - python_pip resource’s call to grep captures modules with
similar names
Reopen: Used patch from COOK-1036 since this ticket wasn’t in
resolve state and was missed in triage. Reopening in case author wants
to refactor grep to the Ruby code
COOK-974 - chef-server::apache-proxy should make it easy to redirect
http://<host_name>/ to https://<host_name:444 to access the webui
Reopen: Consistently use the same attributes from the other recipe
as the other ticket’s change is in the released cookbook
COOK-1047 - Option to include system site-packages in python virtualenv
Reopened - Non-existent attribute used
COOK-1048 - installation of pip does not honor selected python version
Reopened - Needs to be rebased against master
COOK-1066 - chef-client cookbook should start chef after enabling the service
Closed - Duplicates COOK-1002
COOK-1069 - Typo on chef_handler README
Commented - Pull request against the wrong repository
COOK-1081 - Added support for centos/rhel systems which use
/etc/sysconfig/memcached in memcached cookbook
Reopened - Appears not to write memcached.conf on Redhat

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Take a note that CHEF-2852 enables one specification that was missed from
tests (Knife::SSH).
One of the tests is broken (not by me, but by design). I was away from
because I didn’t know what is broken - code or spec.

It’s topic for fix Knife or it’s specs.

2012/3/8 Bryan McLellan btm@opscode.com