3/8 Opscode Code Review


You’re all testing out Chef Server 11.0.8.rc.1 and loving it, right?


To merge:
COOK-2413 - Deprecation warning when using Chef::Mixin::Language in chef-client cookbook under chef 11.x
COOK-2478 - Duplicate ‘read_only’ server attribute in base and tunable
COOK-2471 - Add tunable to set slave_compressed_protocol for reduced network traffic

COOK-2436 - Upgrade needed for oracle jdk in java cookbook
Reopened - Now 7u17 is out, we should get that
COOK-1509 - mysql::server could not restart mysql-server-5.1 on Ubuntu 11.10
Reopened - Need to solve the problem for all platforms in the attributes file
COOK-2465 - Add a compile and settings optional recipe.
Reopened - Lets solve two different problems

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