4/1 Opscode Code Review


To merge:
CHEF-2821 - add “–sudo-use-password” option to knife bootstrap to tell sudo to read --ssh-password from stdin
CHEF-4011 - default location of “encrypted_data_bag_secret” should be set in Chef::Config
CHEF-3942 - The chef-repo should gitignore .chef directory by default
COOK-2587 - Resource attribute for using most recent snapshot instead of earliest
COOK-2568 - FreeBSD cookbook throws Error in runtime
COOK-2588 - Fail2ban needs to store the socket in the correct location
COOK-2535 - mod_auth_openid requires libtool to run autogen.sh
COOK-2590 - Typo in server recipe to do with conf_dir and confd_dir
COOK-2601 - support supervisor on SmartOS
COOK-2599 - gunicorn provider fails if no node[‘cpu’][‘total’]
COOK-2600 - support memcached on SmartOS
COOK-2604 - Configure a PowerDNS server
COOK-2545 - Runit cookbook fails on Amazon Linux

CHEF-4015 - suse group provider is broken on openSUSE 12.3 with shadow utils
Reopened - Use the new conditional operators in CHEF-3919
CHEF-4017 - Omnibus makeself.sh script doesn’t correctly locate md5 binaries
Reopened - Please provide a pull request
CHEF-3938 - Make gpg checks default in the zypper package provider
Reopened - Still not sure about making this change globally and suddenly
CHEF-4022 - “knife cookbook download” of nonexistant cookbook throws NoMethodError
Reopened - Add a unit test
CHEF-2694 - ErrorHandler json format can cause complete meltdown of chef client
Reopened - Disable the error handler by default
CHEF-4024 - Allow chef-solo to strip paths from recipes tarball
Reopened - Refactor and tests
COOK-2575 - LWRP for setting policies
Reopened - Add tests, make the arguments less painful
COOK-2589 - Small update support for MSI packages
Assigned - Need more windows eyes
COOK-2596 - iis cookbook doesn’t work from scratch
Reopened - Is this a webpi issue?
COOK-2603 - Install PowerDNS from powerdns.com
Reopened - Use node[:kernel][:machine] and move the service resource to the end
COOK-760 - selinux enforce/permit/disable based on attribute
Reopened - Use ShellOut, don’t install packages in LWRPs.

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