4/10 Opscode Code Review


To merge:
CHEF-4065 - change chef-client config default to use client_fork
CHEF-4010 - Chef client does not release lock when connection to server failed
OHAI-425 - Ohai discovery on hp cloud fails (using the openstack plugin)
OHAI-444 - Support Google Compute Engine as a cloud platform
COOK-2720 - Apache2 minitest helper function ran_recipe is not portable
COOK-2729 - windows helper should use URI rather than regex and bare string
COOK-2523 - application_java: deployments do not follow standards set by the Deploy provider
COOK-2441 - Apt recipe broken in new chef version
COOK-2539 - Add frameworks for deploying
COOK-1355 - AWS::ElasticIP recipe uses an old RightAWS API to associate an elastic ip address to an EC2 instance

CHEF-4029 - configurable bookshelf url & nginx ssl port issue
Fix Committed - Because it was.
CHEF-4070 - Support DataBag.list on chef-solo
Reopened - Add a test
CHEF-2381 - Knife Should Let Users Encrypt Private Keys
Reopened - Add some error checking in #sign
OHAI-439 - Provide OpenVZ data so we can see how much memory a guest really has
Reopened - Add a test
OHAI-434 - ec2 metadata is unpopulated / ec2 fetch_metadata loops forever
Reopened - Add a test for the new functionality
COOK-2625 - PowerDNS Recursor has a different process name pattern than its service name
Reopened - Is this true everywhere?
COOK-2623 - Postfix enhancements: allow integration with local delivery agents, use external smart-hosts
Reopened - Don’t break tls, move logic out of the templates.
COOK-2549 - cannot enable_service (lwrp) on Gentoo
Reopened - Don’t set service_dir and sv_dir to the same value
COOK-2598 - FastCGI Module only works on Debian-based platforms
Reopened - Use EPEL?
COOK-2567 - Runit doesn’t start at boot in Gentoo
Reopened - Move new service into the platform-specific area

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