4/11 Opscode Code Review


The pace of contributions has been picking up. You’re all pretty
awesome. Here’s this weeks report:

To merge:
CHEF-3025 - knife bootstrap command should accept JSON params to be
added to first_boot.json
CHEF-3010 - The deploy and deploy_revision resources have
inconsistent behavior
CHEF-2988 - Run List Modifiers
CHEF-2705 - knife[:ssh_attribute] is ignored
CHEF-1251 - FreeBSD package provider should not need the port tree
to handle binary packages
COOK-307 - openldap::auth recipe in openldap cookbook fails missing
COOK-1067 - Support for PECL zend extensions, and better file name handling.
COOK-1112 - Add windows support to git::default
COOK-1121 - MySQL Cookbook should work on Windows
COOK-1122 - Extend munin cookbook for the amazon platform
COOK-1127 - Update defaults to the latest WordPress version.
COOK-1129 - perl cookbook has hard coded directory with version and
doesn’t work on RHEL6
COOK-1132 - Exmaple shown in passenger_apache2 doesn’t work
COOK-1133 - Update passenger_apache2 to passenger version 3.0.11
COOK-1145 - Need Maven LWRP to download artifacts from public or
private repositories
COOK-1155 - Create an LWRP to enable apt-pinning
COOK-1158 - RedHat 6 (and derivates like CentOS) have ntpdate package
COOK-1165 - runit cookbook – restart functionality does not work
right on Gentoo due to the wrong directory in the attributes
COOK-1167 - rsyslog cookbook improvments

CHEF-2352 - knife node from file fails with NoMethodError exception
for undefined method 'save’
Reopened - Lets move away from json_class
COOK-1033 - Windows cookbook borks on Unix systems because of the
Ruby 1.9 patches
Sent to Seth Chisamore for review
COOK-1149 - build-essential should support OSX
Waiting on COOK-852
COOK-1152 - Add support for OSX in Git Cookbook
Waiting on COOK-852
COOK-1161 - Allow chef-client::config to set log file and environment
Reopened - Why set environment in the chef-client cookbook?

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