4/15 Opscode Code Review


COOK-2540 - Syslogd needs to be disabled before starting rsyslogd on RHEL 5
COOK-2660 - Create Debian 6.0 “squeeze” specific template for apt-cacher-ng
COOK-2638 - cookbook attribute is not treated as a string when specifying database_yml_template
COOK-2661 - Allow downloads from other repos for wordpress install
COOK-2639 - Yum cookbook - epel - always assumes url is a mirror list
COOK-2663 - Yum should allow metadata_expire setting in repo file
COOK-2258 - apt: LWRP results in error under why-run mode in apt 1.9.0 cookbook
COOK-2665 - nginx::source install with custom sbin_path breaks ohai data
COOK-2427 - unable to install users cookbook in chef 11
COOK-2662 - munin::server_apache2 fatal due to attribute precendence
COOK-2689 - chef-client service recipe on windows fails to start
COOK-2687 - chef-client::service doesn’t work on SLES 11

COOK-2652 - Use override priority attributes to set calculated node[‘chef_client’][‘bin’]
Reopened - override is too big of a hammer
COOK-2637 - Silence expected errors from which based chef-server checks
Reopened - &> is not portable
COOK-2657 - Enhances configuration possibilities. Supports multiple types of backends.
Reopened - take dynamic config merge from COOK-2604 into account.
COOK-2681 - Mysql log slow queries broken for 5.5+
Reopened - rebase
COOK-2693 - exclude AWS reserved tags from tag update
Reopened - PR diff is empty
COOK-2596 - iis cookbook fails with indecipherable error if EULA not accepted
Reopened - Mention how to do so.
COOK-2579 - application_nginx cookbook should accept “application_port” as string for unix sockets
Reopened - Use one attribute.

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