4/17 Cookbook Code Review


Ohai Chefs,

Cookbook code review notes below. Thanks for all of the contributions
and I can’t wait to see those who can make it to ChefConf!

  • Merge
  • COOK-2415
  • COOK-2597
  • COOK-2700 (jtimberman says: YUNO use attribute precedence?! BUT FINE.)
  • Close
  • COOK-2697 - The current behavior has the advantage of being in
    run_list order. Comparing run_lists between nodes is probably better
    done via knife.

  • COOK-2488 Closed as duplicate of 2415.

  • Reopen
  • COOK-2696 - The default cookbook should include one of the web
    server cookbooks based on an attribute. The default should leave
    the current behavior (apache2) unchanged.

  • COOK-2706 - Small change to the attribute name.

  • COOK-2707 - Comments on ticket.

  • COOK-2714 - Let’s move the logic for chef_server_url out of the
    template and just set the default to Chef::Config[:chef_server_url].

  • Other
  • COOK-2589 - Waiting on review from our resident Microsoft expert.



Steven Danna
Systems Engineer, Opscode, Inc
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