4/22 Opscode Code Review


Hi all,

It’s a very busy week here at Opscode. The patches keep coming,
however. Thanks for all the awesome contributions!

Your code review summary is below.

** Reopen

  • CHEF-1707 unable to set password for user on solaris

    Please put the tests in a new folder and work with James to add

  • CHEF-4070 Support DataBag.list on chef-solo
    Please make the return value type the same as when in client mode.

  • CHEF-4076 knife node run list set [list of roles/recipes]

    Dan says: “Can we test for the case that we get fewer arguments than
    required? The command should print usage and exit when no arguments
    are given. Also, it should have a defined behavior if only one
    argument (node name) is given, but I’m not sure yet if that should
    make the run list empty or also print usage and exit.”

  • CHEF-4034 Example at the bottom of
    http://docs.opscode.com/essentials_data_bags_use_recipe.html is
    unnecessarily unclear

    Looks like the example is still incorrect.

** Closed

  • CHEF-1729 Create a bootstrap template for REE for new
    knife-bootstrap-template framework

    This isn’t something we want to maintain in core Chef. However,
    we encourage the submitter to share it with the Chef community.

** Other

  • CHEF-3861 Install fails on Arch Linux

    BTM or someone from Opscode still needs to follow up with internal

  • CHEF-3973 Cant run chef-server-ctl test

    Looks like this change was made in the docs. Marked as Fix Commited

  • CHEF-4063 chef-solo documentation web page confuses roles and

    Also fixed in the docs already. Thanks James!

Steven Danna
Systems Engineer, Opscode, Inc
GPG Key: http://stevendanna.github.com/downloads/code/public.key