4/29 and 5/1 Opscode Code Review


Ohai Chefs,

Below are the results of both the 29 April and 1 May Chef Code
reviews. My apologies for getting these out late.

The Chef 10.26.0 release is just around the corner. If you’ve found
any issues with the beta and haven’t reported them, now is the time.

A few people at ChefConf mentioned that it would be helpful to know
what was coming up next in code review. We never know how far we will
get in an individual session; however, there’s a good chance we will
review at least the following
in the next code review:

  • CHEF-4082 When the file / template has a hardcoded path defined
    (either set via node attribute or hard coded as in the example), the
    notifies parameter does not work.

  • CHEF-4070 Support DataBag.list on chef-solo

  • CHEF-4115 The config file’s path isn’t shown in exceptions

  • CHEF-4114 Broken raise of ConfigurationError when log_location not



Code Review Notes

  • To Merge
  • CHEF-4101 Marked for Chef 12 as this could break existing cookbooks.

  • CHEF-4102 chef-apply ignores all command line flags

  • CHEF-4090 refactor zypper package provider to make command output visible

  • CHEF-4106 Remove obsolete default configuration

  • CHEF-3950 Gem Package provider incompatible with rubygems 2.0 for
    Chef 10

  • CHEF-4083 Typo in status running chef-client

  • CHEF-3817 Overriding duplicate definition *

  • CHEF-4081 let knife show/search return more than one attribute using -a

  • CHEF-3029 ifconfig provider for debian/ubuntu platforms

  • CHEF-3749 Use HTTPS to download the Omnibus installer

  • Reopen
  • CHEF-4093 knife environment cookbook versions
    Overall a good idea. A few style and organization issues to fix up
    before we can merge.

  • CHEF-4015 suse group provider is broken on openSUSE 12.3 with shadow
    Tests required.

  • CHEF-4062 Add a --type=TYPE option to knife cookbook create?
    We like this idea but think that the implementation can be improved
    to be even more useful.

  • CHEF-4107 Cookbooks packaged under OS X can produce PaxHeader
    compilation errors for end-users (bsdtar issue)

    Tests please. :slight_smile:

  • CHEF-4146 Update Reporting Client Protocol
    File mode on gemspec shouldn’t be changed. Also do we need uuid dep?

  • CHEF-4076 knife node run list set [list of roles/recipes]

    We like the idea of throwing an error unless an --empty flag is
    passed if we don’t get a run_list.

  • Closed as Duplicate
  • CHEF-4100 Chef::Util::FileEdit raise()s if file exists but is just
    empty – this is bogus

  • CHEF-3366 zypper provider for package resource can block

Steven Danna
Systems Engineer, Opscode, Inc
GPG Key: http://stevendanna.github.com/downloads/code/public.key