4/3 Opscode Code Review


To merge:
CHEF-3872 - chef-client fails when run in open source XenServer ( platform xcp )
COOK-2605 - “WARN: Missing gem ‘right_aws’” always prints when including ‘aws’ in metadata
COOK-2526 - Installing IIS after .NET framework will leave installation in non-working state
COOK-2537 - Provide proper respond_to behavior when using method_missing

CHEF-3940 - Chef::Provider::Git with user attribute queries /root/.conf/git/config
Reopened - Need a more reliable way to get HOME
CHEF-4034 - Example at the bottom of http://docs.opscode.com/essentials_data_bags_use_recipe.html is unnecessarily unclear
Closed - Already fixed
CHEF-2381 - Knife Should Let Users Encrypt Private Keys
Reviewed - Needs more eyes on it
CHEF-4051 - Add a clean option for the Git SCM provider to execute git clean -f
Reopened - What about -ffdxXxxxXXxxfffFFdDdd ?
COOK-1675 - LWRPs for configuring bool, policy, restorecon
Reviewed - Not sure where we left this on Monday, Joshua is out
COOK-2259 - add no_lazy_load config parameter to client.rb
Reviewed - Still waiting on CHEF-3045
COOK-2547 - Add more options to tmux.conf template
Reopened - Don’t set all the defaults
COOK-2584 - Add client-side result cache to partial_search cookbook
Reopened - Refactor to not store data in cache that came out of the cache.
COOK-2611 - Celery LWRP should configure which queues a celeryd worker binds to
Reopened - The default queue doesn’t have to be celery

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