4/30 Code Review


The community team is growing at Chef and we’ve been successful at
getting more of the community managing cookbooks [1] that we used
juggle all ourselves. I’ve stepped out of Cookbook Code Review with
those guys. I’m pretty excited to see what they’ll do as their team

Meanwhile we’re catching back up on chef/ohai/mixlib code review after
ChefConf and a lot of releases took over our schedules.

CHEF-5228 - Allow chef-zero host to be configurable in chef-client and knife
OHAI-566 - EC2 metadata errors are unhelpful
CHEF-5113 - Handle source attribute in packge in Debian

OHAI-563 - Solaris2 platform_family is getting set to "null"
Reviewed - Needs a unit test
CHEF-5222 - Add Docker and SystemD support for omniinstalled chef
Reviewed - Not super familiar with this code or docker, poked some people
CHEF-4028 - log resource always considered a resource update
Reopened - Waiting for a response
CHEF-5225 - postgres-related sysctl handling is fragile
Reviewed - Looks okay, poked server guys
CHEF-5229 - parallel-ssh(pssh) support for knife ssh
Reopened - Waiting on new patch
CHEF-5098 - ResourceFailureInspector can leak sensitive data to logs
on failures
Reviewed - Waiting in change to PR
OHAI-531 - Regex for getting data from arp -na output is incorrect on Solaris2
Reopened - Failing tests
CHEF-2913 - Provide tracing of attribute changes at runtime
Reviewed - Need to tie in with client team work for Chef 12

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[1] https://wiki.opscode.com/display/chef/Community+Cookbook+Diversification