4/8 Opscode Code Review


To merge:
CHEF-2694 - ErrorHandler json format can cause complete meltdown of chef client
CHEF-3990 - Add support to uncompress zip files to net_fetcher.rb
CHEF-3938 - Make gpg checks configurable in the zypper package provider
CHEF-3255 - Knife doesn’t filter out older versions of plugins
OHAI-387 - The rackspace plugin identifies a server from another provider (OVH) as from rackspace
COOK-2505 - build-essential: backport omnibus builder improvements
COOK-2612 - Nagios can’t start if search can’t find hosts defined in nagios_hostgroups
COOK-2614 - Duplicate innodb_file_per_table
COOK-2553 - Enable include directory in my.cnf template for any platform
COOK-2615 - Rename key_buffer to key_buffer_size
COOK-2616 - Unneeded attribute thread_cache
COOK-2617 - open-files is a duplicate of open-files-limit
COOK-2618 - myisam-recover not using attribute value
COOK-2430 - Add a tunable to create a network ACL when allowing remote_root_access
COOK-2626 - Percona repo URL is being constructed incorrectly
COOK-2619 - mysql: isamchk deprecated
COOK-2602 - Add lower_case_table_names tunable
COOK-2145 - MySQL cookbook should remove anonymous and password less accounts

CHEF-3865 - Create or delete a Windows service
Reopened - Add to core chef, not to the windows cookbook
CHEF-3976 - chef_objects rejects “provides ‘service[foo]’” in metadata
Reopened - Waiting on response from OP
CHEF-4065 - change chef-client config default to use client_fork
Reopened - Does --no-fork work?
CHEF-3953 - ImmutableMash and ImmutableArray should implement to_hash and to_a respectively
Reopened - Dan will explain
COOK-2313 - “!includedir /etc/mysql/conf.d” directive is omitted for CentOS
Duplicate - COOK-2553
COOK-2102 - innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit value is incorrectly set based on CPU count
Reopened - Buy why not set innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit to 1?
COOK-2197 - SELinux recipe should pull mode and type from a node attribute
Reopened - Address comments from COOK-760, formulate game plan with COOK-1675.
COOK-2622 - nginx: add upstart support
Reopened - Don’t hard code defaults into the recipe

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