5/1 Opscode Cookbook Triage


Hey folks! We had a COOK project triage meeting yesterday as well.
We’re also working through the backlog there. You may remember we’ve
been doing a lot of thinking and work on what cookbooks Opscode will
be officially supporting and what features and distributions those
cookbooks will support. You can catch up with these two blog posts if
you missed them:

The cookbooks in http://github.com/opscode/cookbooks are the ones that
we support and that’s where you’ll see our development efforts. Like
everyone else, we release them to the community site at
http://community.opscode.com/ periodically. For us, these releases
tend to mean we think they’re ready for use. Of course, cookbooks on
the community site don’t have to be perfect or feature-complete. We’ve
definitely learned that writing a single cookbook that works on
everyone’s preferred distribution and supports all of the features
that they want is not sustainable, so we don’t expect yours to either!
So please, if you haven’t shared your cookbooks with the community
yet, please do so.

As usual, thanks to everyone for their continued support.


COOK-376 - Extend functionality of NTP cookbook
COOK-407 - chef::client recipe will die if used on an Amazon EC2
instance and it’s really unclear why
COOK-408 - Add x_send_file recipe to the apache2 cookbook
COOK-415 - Specify gem source in cookbook application data bag per gem
COOK-417 - Passenger cookbook has example Apache config that doesn’t
set PassengerMaxPoolSize correctly
COOK-425 - New php module recipes: imagemagick, imap, mcrypt, and sybase.
COOK-435 - Wordpress cookbook contains redundant mysql password configuration


COOK-321 - Chef-client should set HOME when running via runit
reopened, requested specific use cases. issue may be fixed in Chef 0.10
COOK-365 - Add a cookbook for installing Ruby Enterprise Edition (REE)
as default ruby using Ruby Version Manager (RVM)
won’t fix, author should release to community site.
COOK-371 - hosts recipe to generate /etc/hosts file
won’t fix, encourage to contribute to community site
COOK-382 - combine java and java_sun cookbooks
closed, already merged and released.
COOK-383 - create Jetty cookbook
closed, already merged and released.
COOK-384 - improve tomcat6 cookbook
closed, already merged and released.
COOK-385 - create Apache Ant cookbook
closed, already merged and released.
COOK-386 - create Apache Maven Cookbook
closed, already merged and released.
COOK-390 - create JPackage cookbook
closed, already merged and released.
COOK-396 - ruby_enterprise installation without disabling extra cruft
breaks passenger_enterprise
won’t fix, cookbook has been deprecated
COOK-418 - the “application cookbook” should support java web apps and
tomcat servlet container
closed, already merged and released.
COOK-424 - Wrong package name for php-apc
closed, already fixed.
COOK-428 - create LWRP for adding and removing apt repositories
closed, already merged and released.
COOK-429 - mysql::client version 0.24.3 Use of platform_version as a
plain variable fails with undefined local variable or method under
Chef Client 0.9.12
closed, already merged and released.
COOK-437 - File class on ruby1.9.1 implies Chef::Resource::File
closed, already fixed.
COOK-438 - Add jdk recipe to the java cookbook
closed, already fixed.

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