5/10 Opscode Bug Triage


We had our Tuesday triage meeting this morning. The report follows:

To merge:
CHEF-2314 - knife cookbook site install" fails with cookbook name
partially matching another cookbook name
CHEF-1468 - knife node edit $hostname should work
CHEF-1563 - :required option causes option parsing to always fail in mixlib-cli
CHEF-1565 - mount resource does not respect action :nothing
CHEF-1576 - yum gets confused with available packge in different arch
CHEF-1588 - knife cookbook upload should have a -d option to upload
the specified cookbooks dependencies
CHEF-1598 - The route provider always runs route command regardless of
the current state of route´s table.

CHEF-1466 - Chef detects changes in template which haven’t been
changed and keeps restarting my daemon because of change.
Closed - Cannot reproduce
CHEF-1521 - enhance knife cloud functionality
Reopened - Someone needs to reconcile the remaining changes.
CHEF-1590 - Chef isn’t compatible with Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud
Closed - This was merged, wontfix on template issues
CHEF-1608 - Chef-solo should be able to persist state attribute
changes like chef-client does in node.save
Reopened - Design decision needs to made here. Email sent to -dev list
CHEF-1611 - New command knife run_list clone to clone runlist from one
node to another
Reopened - Triaged: Support piping data from knife node show to
knife node from file
CHEF-1647 - rake install should not only git pull, but also git submodule update
Reopened - Deprecate rake tasks? Email sent to -dev list
CHEF-953 - it would be nice to have a server management rake file with
tasks to handle couchdb compaction, rather than using chef::server
Closed - Wontfix - Use the chef server recipe.