5/10 Opscode Cookbook Code Review


Ohai Chefs,

Now that all COOK bugs in the “Fix Provided” state have been assigned a
severity, we will be starting each code review with a review of the
Major or Critical bugs.

Below are the notes from today.

  • To merge

    • COOK-2872 Add firstaction/lastaction ability to logrotate
    • COOK-2747 celerycam configuration is not suitable for multiple node
      celery installation
    • COOK-2882 Python source recipe fails on Ubuntu 12.10 because of
      unavailable libdb4.8-dev package
    • COOK-2905 use platform_family in java cookbook
    • COOK-2903 move java_home resources to their own recipe
    • COOK-2922 Increase vagrant memory to 512 so test-kitchen will pass
    • COOK-2899 windows_feature fails when a feature install requires a reboot
    • COOK-2596 iis cookbook fails with indecipherable error if EULA not
    • COOK-2693 exclude AWS reserved tags from tag update
    • COOK-2575 LWRP for setting policies
  • Reopen

    • COOK-2907 Update Java cookbook’s .kitchen.yml to use new bento boxes
      Use the new provisioner-less base box

    • COOK-2897 Add ibm recipe to java cookbook
      You know what to do.

    • COOK-2828 Rabbitmq Clustering doesn’t work properly
      Use a second notify to from the template to the execute.

    • COOK-2307 Allow specifying a monitored client interface
      Doesn’t merge cleanly.

    • COOK-2801 Fix the UID/GID of mysql user by attribute
      What is the use case for this?



Steven Danna
Systems Engineer, Opscode, Inc
GPG Key: http://stevendanna.github.com/downloads/code/public.key